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trinity craft

Recently in late May, a group of experts from the World Crafts Council (WCC), a non-profit, non-governmental organization affiliated to UNESCO, met in Cuba to evaluate the nomination of the heritage city of Trinidad as World Crafts City in 2018. Mr. Alberto de Betolaza, President of WCC Latin America, praised the handicrafts work that is …

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Amano marks the beginning of a new era, determined to reveal the richness in Cuban design and its many and diverse specialties. Looking for a particular story or product or just want to complete your set? Check out our back issues, many of which can still be purchased in print format.

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Pepe Menéndez cuban designer

I would say that, as far as I am able to predict, in the field in which I work, the publishing world is in good health If we were to examine many of the numerous Cuban posters, as well as the copyright pages of the countless titles put out by the Latin American and Caribbean …

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blown glass. vidrio soplado

Since 1967, Cuba’s sole state-run blown glass factory has focused mainly on producing center pieces and vases. Although developing the glass industry has always been an aspiration, the trade’s technological complexity has prevented its creation. It is a very exhausting job that requires “almost more dedication than it does technology An apparent calm prevails during …

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restauration school

The commitment and sensitivity of restorers recover, multiplied, the wealth of Cuban cultural heritage   If you were to ask yourself, as you walk the streets of Old Havana’s Historical Center, what magic takes place to be able to exhibit a living colonial architecture in the 21st century, surely you would credit a thousand reasons …

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cuba the movie

A journey to the heart of the Caribbean through the eyes of Cuban artists, historians, and scientists, CUBA transports audiences across breathtaking landscapes, under the ocean surface, and into the streets and heart of Havana. Coming to IMAX® and Giant Screens in 2019. OFFICIAL TRAILER “The country is endlessly fascinating at this monumental turning …

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cuban style

A bohemian place where furniture, lamps and decorative elements identify the person who conceived it and which have accompanied her for much of her life—this is CuCuLand.   The cave paintings on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi and in famous European caves show man’s need to personalize their habitat and tell their story. Now, in …

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