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cuban style

A bohemian place where furniture, lamps and decorative elements identify the person who conceived it and which have accompanied her for much of her life—this is CuCuLand.   The cave paintings on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi and in famous European caves show man’s need to personalize their habitat and tell their story. Now, in …

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cuba history. solar habanero

The so-called “Havana solar,” today is part of the city’s popular culture … a halo of aged elegance inherent in the very structure of the stately palaces that time has not been able to erase In the late 19th century, when Havana tripled its population and the need for more space drove it to expand beyond its …

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The restoration carried out in 1994 of the current Los Oficios Gallery – studio-gallery of renowned artist Nelson Domínguez –  represents a tribute to Cuban colonial building traditions. Located in the vicinity of Plaza de San Francisco de Asís, this 18th-century building was part of the first growth of the city around its system of squares, …

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