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This year, two buildings in the city of Cienfuegos were presented with important awards in recognition of the exquisite care of the city’s heritage assets: the National Conservation Award to the house located at 3902, 16th Avenue between 39 and 41 streets, Punta Gorda, and the National Restoration Prize to the headquarters of the Cienfuegos …

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The patent only mentioned printing with a “light curable liquid,” but after founding the company 3D Systems, Hull realized that this technique could be applied to other materials. This led to changing the definition to “any material capable of solidification or capable of altering its physical state,” thus creating the basis for what we now …

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Paraphrasing the title of the memorable texts by José Martí for his magazine The Golden Age, “The History of the City Told by its Movie Theaters” could be the name of this book by architect María Victoria Zardoya and civil engineer Marisol Marrero Oliva. The book will be published shortly by Ediciones Boloña, the publishing …

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